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New Tech with banquet structure – Pick what you need – leave the rest for later…

Nodez is a company that promises to turn your entire home into a smart home with a single, all-encompassing package. Their $196 product includes a little of everything including a smoke/CO2 detector, switches, and even a flood sensor. In all you get nine smart objects for the cost of one Nest product. The trick is […]

via Nodez is a smart home solution that brings all of its equipment on the bus — TechCrunch

  • How to Do Nothing First you must wash the window to observe more clearly the dandelion seed heads bobbing in the wind. Next, announce on Facebook and Twitter that you will be offline for the next two days, if not forever. Heat water for tea. Remember the bill you forgot to pay, and then cleanse […] via How to Do Nothing — O at the Edges