Where We Hung – not so much now

This blog was designed several years ago to bring in tones and voices to be heard on how the moment of Happiness is dared and shared.  My intent is to bring harmony, a robust collaboration, to the subject of addiction treatment (when I first started the blog) and a life spent thriving.  Now I’m more into sharing my current process of living out loud.  The simple fact is that I write to learn what my thoughts are and to confess those thoughts to anyone concerned.

Levy N Rivers is the voice of Social Entrepreneur My mission is to describe what thoughts, struggles and joys encountered in a practice – in happiness, that is. My special connection is that the main theme for all the posts (was but has changed)  to write to bring comfort to people that have addictions of all sorts and in the need of belief and art – acknowledged or not. I have consistently working and developing this business since fall 2005 until the present 2011. This blog is also a part of the organizational history for Phronesis Inc. It is one of the end nodes in a system to inform public communication.

This blog along with several others serve to defined what I wish to set out as my Stand. The other expression of my views are as follows:

  • Personal Social Networking – Building a Conversation – it focuses on social networking tools to use to build conversations
  • Drop The Act– The Happiness Addiction –It focuses as resources to the spirit
  • Happiness TherapyIt focuses as discourses in a family to the spirit
  • Social Network – It focuses on the use of the spirit in social communication

Social Networks – These constitute the neighborhoods of the spirit

  • SmallBusiness Wiki – simple to understand community driven site for, how-to outlines that provide an overview and simple directions for someone attempting to undertake a new task or understand a new topic related to starting or operating a small business.
  • Facebook – a community focused on business and social connections
  • LinkedIna network that connects businesses by industry, functions, geography and areas of interest
  • Del.icio.usis a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.
  • Winkis a Search service across social networks for people to find new friends and old friends
  • Technoratiis an Internet social network, search engine and registrar for blogs, competing with Google, Yahoo and IceRocket. As of December 2006, technorati indexes over 55 million weblogs. The name technorati is a portmanteau, pointing to the technological version of literati or intellectuals.
  • Clipmarks – is a browser add-on to Firefox that enables user-powered news and knowledge web site. Users post the most interesting bits of information they find on the web and the community determines which ones get the most visibility by popping their favorites to the top
  • Jeteyeis a browser add-on to Firefox that enables you to create ad manage content. The content is packaged into Jetpaks and can contain anything from bookmarks to images and text. Sharing of jetpaks can be set to specific persons or public to the whole world.

We are making an exerted effort to engage the places and audiences that we believe constitute our market niche AND Our world view. We are committed to making our views on how happiness can effect views on addiction.


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