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It takes time… > 70yrs but – I can do this

How to Do Nothing First you must wash the window to observe more clearly the dandelion seed heads bobbing in the wind. Next, announce on Facebook and Twitter that you will be offline for the next two days, if not forever. Heat water for tea. Remember the bill you forgot to pay, and then cleanse […] … Continue reading

What I do for love?

I come to this question after years of experience being loved – feeling all the warmth, desire and longing that are found widely in sonnets, plays, songs and the like.  They take us through  a door at its heights of ecstasy and lust to the depths of a cave of despair and longing for it … Continue reading

How Men and Woman can be Worthy Friends?

It’s very common for female profiles to suggest how men can achieve a level of success – the problem – “friends first…then”. Damn – why that – the sentiment is understandable, I guess. No one wants to be seen only as means – a body, smile, or vesicle for someone’s… pleasure. As far back as … Continue reading

Money and other demands

An addiction can assume many forms.  Most recently, I have spent lots of intellectual work on my obsession with finding and defining my efforts plot a path towards a relationship of value. It’s been lots of words:  ethics – ranting on and on about evil – reciprocity and process the following is a lot more … Continue reading

From Father to Oldest Son

I came across this note I had sent to my oldest son on the occasion of an incident with a lover affair that had soured.  As my name sake, he has chosen to live too many of the same patterns of life that I have.  This note was sent with and continues be an expression … Continue reading

Confession – Mack’s Lament

Mackenzie, my youngest son wrote the following and requested that I read and respond.  Mackenzie is currently studying at Yale University.  In so many ways Mackenzie is the most mature – wise – of my six children.  He has demonstrated the humility and depth of grace that it took me until my late 50’s to … Continue reading

Nothing Left???

December 24 – My mother died twelve years ago today. I never really grieved. My life is upside down – I never grieved. I look back over the last years and see – loneliness – separation – stupidity – angst, but not grief. Since that mourning I’ve turned my life into a low volume scream. … Continue reading

Reputation: Building on Trust

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Post Modern to Where?

Over the course of this blog’s life I have often taken the road into abstract spaces – religious – deconstruction – happiness and resiliency. On other blogs I’ve written about how the post modern condition affected notions of leadership and organizational behavior. As a searcher – learner by nature – I expected that at some … Continue reading

So, what was I thinking?

Every once in awhile I awake to a need to open a door into why and what’s going on with me. The other day on EONS I was asked about a couple of quotes I use for signatures. This is what followed: The lyricism of “addiction” may find inspiration in the image of the “outlaw, … Continue reading