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Evil is as Evil Does!(Reciprocity Series 3 of 4)

Now with Good understood, we turn to the next two elements – responses to evil.  These ideas are especially important in our age of avatars, identity thief, bifurcation of society, and simple aging. Resist evil Never return evil for evil If we are not to return evil for evil, how should we be disposed to … Continue reading

Lessons From a Drinking Party

The drinking party – where Plato stages his great discussion on Eros (The Symposium) was not a quiet and deliberative discussion in fact, the Greeks of the day could not have imagine such an inquiry into the matters of the heart anywhere but in an atmosphere suffused with the playful, passionate and erotic scene of … Continue reading

Be Happy Papa!

Amiri commands: Be happy Papa! He is one of grandchildren (2 boys and 2 girls).  I come in contact with him more frequently than any of the others.  In fact, I see or speak with every week during the school year, mainly because his school and afterschool are only two or three blocks from my … Continue reading

Post Modern to Where?

Over the course of this blog’s life I have often taken the road into abstract spaces – religious – deconstruction – happiness and resiliency. On other blogs I’ve written about how the post modern condition affected notions of leadership and organizational behavior. As a searcher – learner by nature – I expected that at some … Continue reading

Dedication to Life (Resilience: Faith, Focus, Triumph)

The simple feeling of love does not mean that you stop there – Alonzo takes the next step – giving.

Love is not the enemy – Resilience

Poet-performer Jessica Care Moore’s “Love is Not the Enemy: Manifesto for 28”, Moore conveys a tough-minded resilience and a mature return to self in the face of disappointment. She isn’t sure what’s ahead of her, but there’s no doubt about how she’ll face it: All my new boyfriends are scheduled for 2009 No more lions … Continue reading

Me Metaphors

Laid back like lions Pure and Clean, A crisp c-chord A brown and used bill The good deed without the credit Credit, without the promise The perfect words A welcomed popup The sole inhabiter of the moon A tree amongst the trees I am

And his eyes read “End”

THE OFFICIAL’S RULES: 1. The person performing the illusion must dig his way to a tomb with one way entrance. 2. The person must fill in any hole created with the soil from that whole. 3. The person is not allowed to use any technology in digging, or moving any soil – only his hands … Continue reading

Mock Social Network

If you like the Office – you’ll love Silkstr. It’s not as much fun as the “red stapler” but nearly. Remember – please contribute to Slikstr places one more layer on the art-imitating-life scrim by adopting the very “social networking tools” it mocks to better involve viewers in the fun. There’s a blog, a wikidot … Continue reading