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In the spot light

I’ve never been to keen on the outdoors life.  I move around it like it’s going to infect me with some sort of fungus or even worst.  Now I’m with Maggie –  she has great respect for it – that’s fine, but what and how I will cope is the trick to our life together.  … Continue reading

Can Happiness be Taught?

The easy part is signing up – the hard part is learning the effective use of the social space after joining. It’s even more tenuous to connect your hopes for finding a relationship of value to digital hookups.  Knowing what I’m actually doing or more importantly Being when I fragment myself into selectable social bate … Continue reading

Money and other demands

An addiction can assume many forms.  Most recently, I have spent lots of intellectual work on my obsession with finding and defining my efforts plot a path towards a relationship of value. It’s been lots of words:  ethics – ranting on and on about evil – reciprocity and process the following is a lot more … Continue reading

On Becoming

As I attempted to connect with the sensibility of being in love – I choose points of entry where I could personally invest from my own storehouse of fears – distance, complexity, age and worse of all is unworthiness.  One of the deepest sources for me is that of patience: so much to say – … Continue reading


What Is Greed?

Are you happy with what you have? Does having all that stuff make you happy? I know you want MORE! Some say we have to much and it is weighting down our soul. I say Greed Is Good. What about you?

Happiness May Be in the Genes

March 5, 2008 — People tend to be hardwired for happiness, and new genetic research may help explain why. Past studies suggest that while 50% of happiness is due to situational factors like health, relationships, and career, the other 50% is due to genes. The new research identified largely inherited personality traits that researchers say … Continue reading


Evil tries to be complicated.  Its methods are tricky–working by indirection and opposites, by mirror-effects and sleight of hand.  But how evil operates is not the same type of complexity as it is in every day thought.  What evil means in our context relates to a collapse of faith in the markets.  If radical enough, … Continue reading

An Addict Waits

I am deeply conscious of my stubborn will – this hard core to my addiction – and my resistance to live in Grace, as it would wisen my mind, make tender my heart, and sensitize my spirit. Not for my addiction – I would yield myself to thee. I would give over into Thy custody … Continue reading