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It takes time… > 70yrs but – I can do this

How to Do Nothing First you must wash the window to observe more clearly the dandelion seed heads bobbing in the wind. Next, announce on Facebook and Twitter that you will be offline for the next two days, if not forever. Heat water for tea. Remember the bill you forgot to pay, and then cleanse […] … Continue reading

What I do for love?

I come to this question after years of experience being loved – feeling all the warmth, desire and longing that are found widely in sonnets, plays, songs and the like.  They take us through  a door at its heights of ecstasy and lust to the depths of a cave of despair and longing for it … Continue reading

To Deserve A Gift?

It is not the office of a man to receive gifts For many the pastoral voice of Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks to a self that stands for a kind of freedom that lights a fire in their heart. It screams of self esteem in the face of a demanding horde that would control and break … Continue reading

Fragments, Traps and Ghost – reading dating site profiles

In a moment when Jesus was asked to demonstrate his “becoming”: Jesus – by performing an exorcism exposes what I’m calling the sorry state of human reality – fragments, traps and ghost.  He demands the tormented one to speak his name, receiving the answer, “I am Legion”. To our modern sensibilities this answer seems strange … Continue reading

Can Happiness be Taught?

The easy part is signing up – the hard part is learning the effective use of the social space after joining. It’s even more tenuous to connect your hopes for finding a relationship of value to digital hookups.  Knowing what I’m actually doing or more importantly Being when I fragment myself into selectable social bate … Continue reading

Good for Good – (Reciprocity Series, 2 of 4)

Only a few remain in the net… The real work of relationship is becoming “worthy friends” – whatever that is? The net is starting to fray – the sites you’ve casted your net on have brought you just these few interesting “prospects” – they have done what they can do – it’s up to you … Continue reading

Bring In The Light

I hope your early spring is being filled with smiles – music and good food.  Mine is! I’ve been ruminating about what would make these moments better for me – one thought keeps popping up: the last great love of my life. Thus I keep writing about my attempts – this is another.  Taken all … Continue reading

In Search of Eros

On Aphrodite’s birthday, the beggarly god Poverty took advantage of Plenty in his inebriated state, as he lay in Zeus’s garden, to make a baby with him.  The baby conceived was Eros, whom Socrates characterizes as “naturally a lover of the beautiful” and “no seeker after wisdom, for he is wise already”. Over time the … Continue reading

Lessons From a Drinking Party

The drinking party – where Plato stages his great discussion on Eros (The Symposium) was not a quiet and deliberative discussion in fact, the Greeks of the day could not have imagine such an inquiry into the matters of the heart anywhere but in an atmosphere suffused with the playful, passionate and erotic scene of … Continue reading

If You’re Out There

As the race for the Presidential campaign continues –  keep in mind that work needs doing – don’t pass it off to someone else.