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In the spot light

I’ve never been to keen on the outdoors life.  I move around it like it’s going to infect me with some sort of fungus or even worst.  Now I’m with Maggie –  she has great respect for it – that’s fine, but what and how I will cope is the trick to our life together.  … Continue reading

What I do for love?

I come to this question after years of experience being loved – feeling all the warmth, desire and longing that are found widely in sonnets, plays, songs and the like.  They take us through  a door at its heights of ecstasy and lust to the depths of a cave of despair and longing for it … Continue reading

Lessons From a Drinking Party

The drinking party – where Plato stages his great discussion on Eros (The Symposium) was not a quiet and deliberative discussion in fact, the Greeks of the day could not have imagine such an inquiry into the matters of the heart anywhere but in an atmosphere suffused with the playful, passionate and erotic scene of … Continue reading

Mackenzie’s Review – “We On” – Gemini & Lupe

There are lots of reasons for me to engage the notion of resilience and hope – my boys (two of my six, 3 boys and 3 girls) form the core. From their earliest days I’ve insisted that they learn to think before they take on something to do. They have responded well to this suggestion … Continue reading

So, what was I thinking?

Every once in awhile I awake to a need to open a door into why and what’s going on with me. The other day on EONS I was asked about a couple of quotes I use for signatures. This is what followed: The lyricism of “addiction” may find inspiration in the image of the “outlaw, … Continue reading

A tribute to and updating of Prodigal Son

To be honest, I first became acquainted with the works of James Weldon Johnson rather late in life. It was while attending Yale’s Divinity School in a preaching class. Most of those that where in the class with me had long histories of preaching to lean on – not me, I had been a salesman … Continue reading

My New Networks

I’ve blogged on this site for coming up to a year now. I’ve personally gone through some interesting experiences – learning about what I like to write about; enduring the failure of one of business ventures – Changed Life Ltd; moving a couple of times, returning to my mothballed consulting practice – Phronesis, and finally … Continue reading