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It takes time… > 70yrs but – I can do this

How to Do Nothing First you must wash the window to observe more clearly the dandelion seed heads bobbing in the wind. Next, announce on Facebook and Twitter that you will be offline for the next two days, if not forever. Heat water for tea. Remember the bill you forgot to pay, and then cleanse […] … Continue reading

Fragments, Traps and Ghost – reading dating site profiles

In a moment when Jesus was asked to demonstrate his “becoming”: Jesus – by performing an exorcism exposes what I’m calling the sorry state of human reality – fragments, traps and ghost.  He demands the tormented one to speak his name, receiving the answer, “I am Legion”. To our modern sensibilities this answer seems strange … Continue reading

Exchanges and Meaning (Reciprocity Series, 1 of 4)

In the Beginning… A net is cast on the water!! Scurrying – flickering screens – clicks, flips and failures are mixed with a few – just a few that come together, and it’s started.  No one knows what the outcome from this initial casting will bring into existence – they all have hopes. The romantic … Continue reading

Be Happy Papa!

Amiri commands: Be happy Papa! He is one of grandchildren (2 boys and 2 girls).  I come in contact with him more frequently than any of the others.  In fact, I see or speak with every week during the school year, mainly because his school and afterschool are only two or three blocks from my … Continue reading


There are lots of ways to see resilience – some times it only comes to the surface in situation of terrible outcomes – Black People are, if nothing else – Resilience.

Step Two – The Art of Me in Zude

It’s more than a notion – building your brand in a virtual world. If I was building it for Corporation – I’d arrange a retreat where I would have an expensive facilitator conduct brain storming exercises to tease out some of the important concepts needed be expressed. Then, I would turn the project over to … Continue reading

Drug Free Happiness

It’s often the little things that catch your attention. A poster that is mandated placed on a wall that is hardly read or the pronouncements of a safety claim that most accept without giving it a second thought. That is often what happens with pieces of our lives – ideas, evidence that we just accept. … Continue reading


This prayer was written by J.F.B., State Prison of Massachusetts.   Life, you have beaten me, still, With stinging wounds, I kiss your hands, Though you have tortured me until My joy was crushed, my hopes, my will For things I do not understand. Though I have trembled at your power And wept in terror, … Continue reading

A Sacred YES

What is most difficult is I dare to take all things as my will and exult in my strength and deny myself the calmness of Thy Grace. There are great changes that come about in the darkest hours where there is, despite my claims, no memory of hope and the encircling gloom is terrifying to … Continue reading

An Addict’s Prayer for Guidance

Again and again we are overwhelmed by the littleness of our lives, the personal demand – our addiction. There is often no breathing moment that permits us to lift up our heads and take the long look and sense how this struggle can possibly add to an ultimate meaning our lives are involved. Thus we … Continue reading