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Looking At My Kids – Disruptive Imagination – It’s in the genes

When my children were first born, like most fathers, I inspected their eye color, nose shape, skin tone and other immediately noticeable features – seeking to identify those that offered a hint of similarity too my own . This tendency to survey never stops – it only takes on broader subjects. It’s important to me … Continue reading

Fictional Self

In Chapter XXVII of his Essay Concerning Human Understand, John Locke argues for a system of determining the continuity of the person overtime.  Locke begins his discussion of what he calls “personal identity”, by distinguishing “the person” between other forms of identity present in an individual human being.  He asserts that an identity is an … Continue reading

Confession – Mack’s Lament

Mackenzie, my youngest son wrote the following and requested that I read and respond.  Mackenzie is currently studying at Yale University.  In so many ways Mackenzie is the most mature – wise – of my six children.  He has demonstrated the humility and depth of grace that it took me until my late 50’s to … Continue reading

Mackenzie’s Review – “We On” – Gemini & Lupe

There are lots of reasons for me to engage the notion of resilience and hope – my boys (two of my six, 3 boys and 3 girls) form the core. From their earliest days I’ve insisted that they learn to think before they take on something to do. They have responded well to this suggestion … Continue reading