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Me Metaphors

Laid back like lions Pure and Clean, A crisp c-chord A brown and used bill The good deed without the credit Credit, without the promise The perfect words A welcomed popup The sole inhabiter of the moon A tree amongst the trees I am

Happiness – Inside Out

We like to have background noise — whether we’re in the car, at home, or in the office — we have the radio or TV on or the sounds of kids and coworkers keep a constant white noise. How many of us like quiet and solitude? How many like introspection? More often than not, our … Continue reading

What Is Greed?

Are you happy with what you have? Does having all that stuff make you happy? I know you want MORE! Some say we have to much and it is weighting down our soul. I say Greed Is Good. What about you?


Evil tries to be complicated.  Its methods are tricky–working by indirection and opposites, by mirror-effects and sleight of hand.  But how evil operates is not the same type of complexity as it is in every day thought.  What evil means in our context relates to a collapse of faith in the markets.  If radical enough, … Continue reading

Drag and Drop

“We are starting to imagine a drag and drop world where we simply push and pull the content we want into the technical platforms and the locations we want to consume them. I envision a simple cluster of icons on my desktop that lets me drag my video and audio content onto emblems for car, … Continue reading

My New Networks

I’ve blogged on this site for coming up to a year now. I’ve personally gone through some interesting experiences – learning about what I like to write about; enduring the failure of one of business ventures – Changed Life Ltd; moving a couple of times, returning to my mothballed consulting practice – Phronesis, and finally … Continue reading

Do you ever want to recreate yourself?

I’m in the midst of a life change, not mid life crisis – I did that once, maybe twice before. I’m in a funk that has lasted for several years. I’m over qualified and unemployed. Something needs to change so I can survive. My idea is change where I live. If you have ever had … Continue reading

An Addict Waits

I am deeply conscious of my stubborn will – this hard core to my addiction – and my resistance to live in Grace, as it would wisen my mind, make tender my heart, and sensitize my spirit. Not for my addiction – I would yield myself to thee. I would give over into Thy custody … Continue reading