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In the spot light

I’ve never been to keen on the outdoors life.  I move around it like it’s going to infect me with some sort of fungus or even worst.  Now I’m with Maggie –  she has great respect for it – that’s fine, but what and how I will cope is the trick to our life together.  … Continue reading

What I do for love?

I come to this question after years of experience being loved – feeling all the warmth, desire and longing that are found widely in sonnets, plays, songs and the like.  They take us through  a door at its heights of ecstasy and lust to the depths of a cave of despair and longing for it … Continue reading

To Deserve A Gift?

It is not the office of a man to receive gifts For many the pastoral voice of Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks to a self that stands for a kind of freedom that lights a fire in their heart. It screams of self esteem in the face of a demanding horde that would control and break … Continue reading

The Great Divide – Context, Framework and Power

The End of Days May 21st 2011 – for some this is the day – the last day of time.  I don’t agree.  Bad theology may predict some event or the other, but like a broken clock does correctly define current time twice a day – someday will be the last day in time, but … Continue reading

How Men and Woman can be Worthy Friends?

It’s very common for female profiles to suggest how men can achieve a level of success – the problem – “friends first…then”. Damn – why that – the sentiment is understandable, I guess. No one wants to be seen only as means – a body, smile, or vesicle for someone’s… pleasure. As far back as … Continue reading

Fragments, Traps and Ghost – reading dating site profiles

In a moment when Jesus was asked to demonstrate his “becoming”: Jesus – by performing an exorcism exposes what I’m calling the sorry state of human reality – fragments, traps and ghost.  He demands the tormented one to speak his name, receiving the answer, “I am Legion”. To our modern sensibilities this answer seems strange … Continue reading

Can Happiness be Taught?

The easy part is signing up – the hard part is learning the effective use of the social space after joining. It’s even more tenuous to connect your hopes for finding a relationship of value to digital hookups.  Knowing what I’m actually doing or more importantly Being when I fragment myself into selectable social bate … Continue reading

Money and other demands

An addiction can assume many forms.  Most recently, I have spent lots of intellectual work on my obsession with finding and defining my efforts plot a path towards a relationship of value. It’s been lots of words:  ethics – ranting on and on about evil – reciprocity and process the following is a lot more … Continue reading

As near to Integrity, as I dare!

There can be no friendship without confidence; and no confidence, without integrity Confessing to integrity, refers to the way members of this kind of relationship bear witness to their belief that one should live a life that is authentic, true to oneself, and then true to others. The centrifugal force which pushes them to adopt these … Continue reading

Evil is as Evil Does!(Reciprocity Series 3 of 4)

Now with Good understood, we turn to the next two elements – responses to evil.  These ideas are especially important in our age of avatars, identity thief, bifurcation of society, and simple aging. Resist evil Never return evil for evil If we are not to return evil for evil, how should we be disposed to … Continue reading