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Looking At My Kids – Disruptive Imagination – It’s in the genes

When my children were first born, like most fathers, I inspected their eye color, nose shape, skin tone and other immediately noticeable features – seeking to identify those that offered a hint of similarity too my own . This tendency to survey never stops – it only takes on broader subjects. It’s important to me … Continue reading

Mackenzie’s Review – “We On” – Gemini & Lupe

There are lots of reasons for me to engage the notion of resilience and hope – my boys (two of my six, 3 boys and 3 girls) form the core. From their earliest days I’ve insisted that they learn to think before they take on something to do. They have responded well to this suggestion … Continue reading

Me Metaphors

Laid back like lions Pure and Clean, A crisp c-chord A brown and used bill The good deed without the credit Credit, without the promise The perfect words A welcomed popup The sole inhabiter of the moon A tree amongst the trees I am