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Looking At My Kids – Disruptive Imagination – It’s in the genes

When my children were first born, like most fathers, I inspected their eye color, nose shape, skin tone and other immediately noticeable features – seeking to identify those that offered a hint of similarity too my own . This tendency to survey never stops – it only takes on broader subjects. It’s important to me … Continue reading

Filling The Hole in The Soul

Altruism is not a constant occurrence amongst philanthropists; the idea is constant but not the action. The soul-hole is like a gas tank—its driver will ride on “E” (all the while acquiring more wealth and creating more holes)—before cyclically desiring to correct society’s failures, by patching up the holes he created—thus filling his tank, to once again empty it for survival. Continue reading

Tears Not Shed – The Legacy of Philosophy and Politics

I’ve boasted on my boys Seth and Mackenzie often. Today it’s time to turn to one of my daughters – Tara. Tara came into my life later and from an unexpected source. We’ve had to work a little harder at building a relationship than I had to with my other children. With my other children, … Continue reading