LN Rivers – Coaching Reputation (Semi-Retired)

Levy N RiversLevy Rivers worked (before retiring) with clients to realize their goals and dreams in the shortest possible time. His practical, results-driven approach, combined with his insightful feedback and straightforward communication, facilitates and enables rapid behavior change. Clients could rely on his deft questions to clarify what is important, as well as identifying actions that would generate growth and create structures to sustain it.


As a result, his clients developed ways of leveraging their best opportunities, obtained clarity concerning the unique processes that supported their goals, and then getting into action to achieve those goals. Levy brought sales and marketing acumen, personal insight, intuition, and a sense of humor to all of his relationships.



Prior to founding Phronêsis, Levy held several managerial positions at Xerox, United Methodist Pension Fund, and Wellington Avenue Local Development Organization (WALDO). As Branch Major for Xerox Levy directed sales, service and systems analysis personnel. For the United Methodist Pension Fund he held the position of Strategic Planner and Project Manager implementing cross functional organizational pension redesign and then assisted in the campaign to convince the denomination to adopt the suggested major reforms. As the Executive Director and Founder of WALDO, Levy work with community groups to assist them in organizational efforts to reclaim their communities from blight and despair.


Levy has worked with both private and public organizations and their leaders to improve the changes they deemed necessary and required. He has conducted workshops, seminars to assist in spreading the change focus from the leadership throughout the organization, reinforcing his clients ability to produce the results required.

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